Our Zero Waste Journey

Hello world, my name is Jules. I am writing to share with you a little about us and our Zero Waste Rebelution. Basically, my boyfriend Danny and I want to make the world a less trashy place. The birth of our daughter triggered something in us both. We started thinking about all aspects of the way we were living. We started to consider what kind of world we will be leaving behind for our daughter. Then, inevitably, we began to get very stressed out over the bags of trash we were tossing each week, filled with plastic and toxic waste. This had to stop! We got to work right away, trying to replace every wasteful process, with a more sustainable one. We realized that it wasn’t overly complicated to change our home to a zero waste home and it wasn’t overly expensive either. Next we needed to find a way to let others discover this things as well. Did you know that the average American makes 4.5 pounds of trash a day, every day, of every year of their lives! Now add to that that the mass majority of that trash is made up of plastic. Plastic may take up to 500 years to biodegrade, if not longer?! After all, how can we possibly know? None of us will live to be 500! We simply cannot toss things out each day carelessly knowing that we will leave the world so much more trashy for our future generations. Danny and I do not want to take this precious Mother Earth for granted. We believe that most others feel this same way. You can make a difference. Think about it.. If you cut out your 4.5 lbs a day, every day, for just one year, you will have saved the landfills 1,642.5 lbs of trash!!! Danny and I strive every day to live as peacefully and self-sustain-ably as we possibly can and we want to help you to do it too. You have already picked up on the fact that we all need to change. That is why you are here reading this right now. Welcome to the Zero Waste Rebelution. We are so thankful you are here. You are making a difference. Let’s spread the word, my zero wasters!