Top 10 zero waste products for an eco-friendly kitchen

Zero waste kitchen

Zero-waste living is fantastic.  But when you first start on your zero-waste journey it can feel like a daunting task.


One of the best places to start is your kitchen.  We are in and out of our kitchen throughout the day and there are so many great switches to make. 


We have compiled a list of our Top 10 eco friendly products (many of which you can find in our zero-waste store).  Check it out!


Zero waste products for your kitchen

Drinking straws

We have all seen those images of turtles swimming around in oceans full of single-use plastic and it is heart-breaking.  Switching to reusable drinking straws is one the easiest zero-waste switches you can make.


You can choose either metal or, our favorite, bamboo straws.  Either type will last years if you care for them properly.


Keep a stash in your kitchen, but don’t forget to put a couple in your bag for when you head to restaurants and bars.  People will be impressed by your preparedness.


Straw cleaner

You’ve made the switch to a more sustainable drinking straw, but how are you going to look after them and keep them clean?  Answer: straw cleaner.


There are many plastic versions on the market but there are plastic-free straw cleaners too.  Therefore, you can make an eco-friendly choice within an eco-friendly choice.


After using them to clean your straws, give them a good rinse under the tap and leave to dry.  Just like the straws, they will last you ages with good care.



Storage pots

Food waste is a huge problem.  Many people throw away food that is perfectly edible.  One way to avoid this is to ensure that you have simple storage solutions for your food.


This means having a variety of pots and jars for storing leftover cooked food.  These can be repurposed jars and containers, or you can buy purpose made boxes.


Storing your food correctly will mean that you are less likely to throw the food away.  Plus, you might get some lovely leftovers for lunch tomorrow.


Unpaper towels

The paper towel market is massive.  People are buying paper towels in large quantities to be used for such a brief amount of time and then thrown away.


There is a zero waste alternative and that is the unpaper towel.  This clever reusable switch is used in the same way that its disposable counterpart is, except that afterwards you wash it and use it again.


Consequently, you save hundreds and thousands of paper towels from manufacture and near instant disposal.  A fantastic zero waste product!


Food wraps

Whether you are packing up for lunch or just want to store some cheese in the fridge, you need to think about what you are wrapping that food in?  It is time to say goodbye to plastic wrap and foil.


The zero waste market has some great swaps for you though.  Why not wrap your food in reusable bees’ wax wraps or their vegan equivalents?


They in the same way as foil and plastic wrap, except when you are done to can rinse them off and use them all over again.


Fabric sandwich bags

Another great zero waste swap for storing your sandwiches is the fabric sandwich bag.  You can get these in lots of fabulous designs and patterns to suit your needs.


Rather than popping your lunch into a plastic or paper bag to take to school or work, you can use one of these and rinse and reuse the next day.


Produce bags

When you are out getting your groceries, do you often find that you come back with your fruit and vegetables in lots of small plastic bags?


We have had reusable shopping bags for a while, but it has taken some time for the idea of reusable produce bags to catch on.  Now it is time for you to make this switch too.


Take them with you to the supermarket, place your loose fruit and vegetables inside and use them for storage when you get home too.  Simple idea, great zero-waste product!


Pot scrubbers

No one in life can escape doing the dishes.  It is a fact of life.  What we can avoid, however, are the plastic pot scrubbers.


You can switch to one of the many options that we have in our zero-waste store including the casa agave pot scrubber, coconut kitchen scrub brush or zero-waste loofah scrubbers.


This way you’ll get your pots and pans clean without worrying about what is going to happen to that plastic sponge you are using to clean them.


Dish soap bar

You’ve probably been buying dish soap in a plastic bottle for years without ever stopping to think about what happens to the bottle when you are done.


Luckily, someone else has and they have created a zero-waste product to replace it.  The vegan dish soap block.


Rather than squirting the soap into the bowl, you use the bar to create a lather and use this to clean your dishes instead.  Great little switch with zero-waste.


Silicone baking products

If you’re a big home baker then you may have wondered how you can take this hobby and make it zero waste.  What you need are silicone baking products.


You can buy everything from cupcake cases to baking paper in silicone which means that rather than throwing these items away after you’ve eaten all the cakes, you rinse them and use them next time.


Not only is this one great for reducing waste, but it is a big money saver too.  You’ll never have to buy these items again. 


What other zero-waste switches can you find?

This isn’t an exhaustive list.  Once, you start making changes in your kitchen you’ll soon find that you have more and more ideas for future swaps.


The kitchen is a great place to make big steps towards your zero waste lifestyle and remember that our zero waste store is full of great products to help you get there.


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